The Illustrious Graduates of Wuhan Kerui

Our last article introduced the mysterious graduates of Kerui Cracking Academy. As luck would have it, said mysterious graduates have left feedback, complete with graduate destinations and contact details on Kerui’s website. 

We won’t bore you by going through each individual piece of feedback – feel free to peruse at your leisure. Suffice it to say that Kerui graduates were pretty pleased with their student experience. But there were a few which we found interesting, and a couple which serve to flesh out Kerui’s links to the government. 

Let’s start here. 

Ouyang Jilei 欧阳继雷 

Ouyang attended the 24th iteration at Kerui and in their feedback provided advice for later generations of Kerui students. How generous. But it was their claim to now be employed by a state-owned enterprise in Wuhan that really caught our eye. Could this be it? Could we finally be on an APT’s trail in Wuhan? 

Moving on: Li Yilong 李义龙

Li attended the 13th class iteration at Kerui. Li was effusive about his time at Kerui, highlighting the sense of humor of his teachers, the laughter in his classes, and how he has harnessed the ‘Kerui spirit’ to overcome challenges since moving to the world of work. Li claims to be working for an ‘undisclosed private company supporting the government’. We did a fair bit of digging here to try and identify said company and managed to link him to one ‘Wuhan Shenzhou Human Resources Services Department.’ Doesn’t sound cyber-y, does it? But we will come back to Wuhan Shenzhou later.

Huang Zhen #1黃震: 

Huang Zhen #1 attended the 11th Kerui program. Huang’s feedback includes his personal experiences, praise for the faculty members and some study tips for future students, but did not disclose his onward employment. 

Huang Zhen #2 黄振

Huang Zhen #2 attended the same iteration as Li and happily found employment at an ‘undisclosed cyber security company’. Huang 2 thanks his friends for helping him through bumps in the road and credits his teachers with the ability to ‘write code at the speed of flowing water’. He also left his QQ number: 361920879. 

We know what you are thinking. Not much to go on here. But we will return to our friends Li, Huang and Huang in due course.

Xiong Wang 熊旺  

At first glance, Xiong’s feedback is rather non-descript.

He describes how the class helped him and provides some recommendations on study methods for future students. He leaves no contact details or information on graduate destination. But some in-depth digging into Xiong provided our first real lead: his social insurance record.

Social insurance contributions in China are effectively a social security program. They include mandatory insurance schemes, such as pension, medical insurance, and a housing fund. 

Luckily for us, they also list their employer.

As of 2016, Xiong Wang was employed by one Wuhan Xiaoruizhi Science and Technology Company.

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