Outpost24 Acquires EASM Provider Sweepatic

Cybersecurity risk management specialists Outpost24 have today announced the acquisition of Sweepatic. Based in Leuven, Belgium, Sweepatic is an innovative external attack surface management (EASM) platform. Gartner identified EASM as a top Security and Risk Management (SRM) trend for 2022. By leveraging their EASM solution across Outpost24s full-stack security assessment and threat intelligence offering, customers will be provided with the most comprehensive view of their internal and external attack surface to identify unknown assets and prioritise risk mitigation.

Named by Gartner as a key vendor in the Competitive Landscape: External Attack Surface Management, 2023’ and Emerging Technologies: Critical Insights for External Attack Surface Management in 2021,  Sweepatic is a leading European EASM platform that scans the internet to discover unknown assets and systems of an organisation to detect hidden risk and automate prioritisation for security issues identified. It also obtained the Cybersecurity Made in Europe label granted by the European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO) as a recognition for their trustworthiness. Sweepatic was backed by eCapital Entrepreneurial Partners (DE), TIIN Capital (NL) and the Flemish investment company PMV (BE).

Attackers routinely exploit vulnerable, misconfigured external assets as an entry point to gain initial access. Having a complete view of the attack surface is an essential component of modern cyber risk management. EASM is designed to provide visibility and protect internet-facing assets which may go undiscovered as an organisation’s digital footprint, and associated risk expands. With Sweepatic, these ‘outside-in’ blind spots become visible, and any unknown and unmanaged, vulnerable assets are mapped out across public-facing cloud services, infrastructures and web applications to prioritise mitigation.

“Combining Sweepatic’s innovative technology with the Outpost24 platform is the best way to prevent likely attacks,” said Karl Thedéen, CEO of Outpost24. “As the threat exposure management landscape is shifting to incorporate EASM, we are enhancing our platform’s capability to meet the demands of our customers who need 360-degree visibility. With so many vulnerabilities and risks appearing as the enterprise attack surface expands, organisations need a better way to discover and mitigate unknown asset risk before they can be exploited. Speed and coverage is key and we are taking the steps to bolster the breadth and depth of our offering to protect their entire attack surface.”

“We are excited to join the Outpost24 family as their mission and goals closely align with ours,” said Sweepatic CEO Chris De Hous. “We built Sweepatic to deliver proactive security that helps organizations simplify their complex attack surfaces and we’ve found strong market traction. This acquisition will allow us to accelerate our vision and complement Outpost24’s established offering on a global scale as we continue to make a difference by providing organisations with the necessary insight to meet their risk management and compliance needs.” added Sweepatic Founder Stijn Vande Casteele.

In recent months, Outpost24 announced Brendan Hogan as their new Chief Strategy Officer. This acquisition announcement follows their acquisition of BlueLiv and Specops Software in 2021.


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