Anonymous Sudan Launches DDoS Attacks on Microsoft Outlook

Anonymous Sudan Launches DDoS Attacks on Microsoft Outlook

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Reading Time: 3 Minutes, has been hit by a series of outages, causing significant disruptions for users worldwide. These outages, have been attributed to technical issues by Microsoft. However, hacktivist group Anonymous Sudan has claimed responsibility, asserting that they are conducting Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks on Microsoft’s service to protest the United States’ involvement in Sudanese internal affairs.

The successive outages have resulted in widespread inconvenience for Outlook users, hindering their ability to access and send emails reliably, as well as use the mobile Outlook app. Frustrated users took to Twitter to voice their complaints, expressing how the sporadic email service disruptions have adversely affected their productivity.

Outlook webmail unable to display email
Source: BleepingComputer

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DDoS Attacks

While Microsoft has provided updates on Twitter, stating that they are working to mitigate the issues, the company acknowledges that the impact of the outages has resurfaced. They assure users that further measures are being implemented to address the ongoing problem.

In contrast to Microsoft’s explanation, Anonymous Sudan, through their Telegram channel, has boldly claimed responsibility for the DDoS attacks on Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft 365 services. The group accuses the US government of meddling in Sudanese internal affairs and warns that they will continue targeting large US companies, government entities, and critical infrastructure.

Anonymous Sudan claiming DDoS attacks on Microsoft
Source: Telegram

With URLs shared by Anonymous Sudan, they indicate that their focus is on “,” the primary URL for web service. Although the veracity of their claims remains unverified, the service has experienced sluggishness and persistent outages over the past 24 hours.

BleepingComputer reached out to Microsoft for comment regarding the claims made by Anonymous Sudan, but a response has not been provided at this time. The situation continues to unfold, leaving users concerned about the stability and security of their email service in the face of these disruptive attacks.

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