0patch Security-Adopts Windows 10 v20H2 to Keep it Running Securely




Last month brought the last security updates for Windows 10 version 20H2. What if your organization is still using it and doesn’t want to – or can’t – upgrade it yet?

Don’t worry, we have previously security-adopted Windows 10 v1803 and v1809, Windows 10 v2004 and v1909, and Windows 10 v21H1.

Now we’re security-adopting version 20H2.

If you’re running
Windows 10 v20H2 in your organization, all you need to do is install
0patch Agent on these computers and register it to an account with PRO
or Enterprise subscription, and you’ll start receiving critical security patches as soon as we issue them.

These micropatches will be included in 0patch PRO and Enterprise
licenses along with all other micropatches we’re issuing – which means
that users protecting their Windows 10 v20H2 with 0patch will also
receive our micropatches for “0day” vulnerabilities in
various products.

In order to have our micropatches applied,
Windows 10 v20H2 will have to have May 2023 Windows Updates (the
last official updates for this version) installed.

We welcome all interested organizations to contact sales@0patch.com
for information about pricing, deployment, or setting up a trial.

We’re getting close to Windows Server 2012 end of official support by
Microsoft in October 2023. You guessed it, we’re going to security-adopt
this server as well, in case you’re already getting nervous about that.
This is a good time for you to start a free 0patch trial, so send an
email to sales@0patch.com.

To learn more about 0patch, please visit our Help Center.

Article Link: 0patch Blog: 0patch Security-Adopts Windows 10 v20H2 to Keep it Running Securely

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